BitBucket -> GitHub migration

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The Move

Many moons ago I started releasing some of my projects out into the wild. I used BitBucket, rather that GitHub, for a few reasons. One of the biggest ones was how frustrating Git was as a Windows user when I first tried it. Coming from SVN, Hg was a much gentler introduction to the world of DVCS (thanks in large part to Joel Spolsky’s HgInit).

Now, several years later, Git is as easy to use as anything else and GitHub has a much larger community that BitBucket.

The long and short of it is, if you want the latest version of anything I’ve done, check me out on GitHub.

Other News

HamOntFire is no longer working, due to Twitter removing v1 of their API in favour of the more secure (but less open) v1.1 API. I plan on upgrading the site, but I don’t currently have time or motivation. Hopefully sometime in early 2014.

I’m currently working on another project that mixes my three greatest loves: Ruby, Rugby, and statistics. That will be done in time for the Women’s Rugby World Cup in 2014. I have a (basic) design, a database full of results, and a stats calculator built; now I just need to put them all together.


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