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So I haven’t really talked much about CoderCamp.  I think it’s high time that I do.

What is CoderCamp?

CoderCamp is an unconference in the same spirit as BarCamp. We started organizing them in Hamilton in response to demand for a more skill-building and code-focused event for software developers to attend. StartupDrinks allows us to get to know one another andDemoCamp allows us show off what we’ve built and get feedback from the community, but we were missing an event that’s for coders and focused on software development.

CoderCamp is for developers to learn techniques and technologies from one another in a casual setting. We meet to talk about coding, to learn from each other, and get better at what we do in the process. You don’t have to give a talk to attend, but we welcome you to come, talk and share what you know as well.

Can you dumb it down a bit?

Nerds get together and watch short, usually about five minute, presentations about programming, technology, etc.  It’s a good time.

Sounds awesome.  When’s the next one?

As of this writing, December 6 at Chester’s Beers of The World, in Gore Park.  We usually meet at 6:30 and get started at 7.  If December 6 has come & gone, check out for more info.

I have something cool to present!

Cool!  Contact myself, or one of the other organizers.  If you don’t know any of us, just show up with your demo! There’s always room for more!

See you December 6!


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