Grande.Pluralizer is finally properly open source.

In Uncategorized on September 6, 2012 by Matt Grande

This post is out of date. I no longer use BitBucket. Grande.Pluralizer is now available on GitHub

I’ve finally put my Pluralization engine onto a DVCS.  This will make many people happy.

I’ve chosen to put it on BitBucket.  This will make many people unhappy.

I chose BB over GitHub for two reasons:

  1. BB seems better at Mercurial support (I prefer Hg to Git, but that’s another topic altogether)
  2. I prefer BB’s UI.  I seem to be in the minority on this one, but I find BB to be nicer to use.

So, if you like Grande.Pluralizer, please download it from BitBucket.  If you come across any errors, or things you would like to see, either issue a pull request or add it to the issue tracker.

Have fun!


3 Responses to “Grande.Pluralizer is finally properly open source.”

  1. Shame about the choice of BB
    I see your points, but it’d have more input / followers on gh

    thanks for sharing anyway

  2. […] Many moons ago I started releasing some of my projects out into the wild. I used BitBucket, rather that GitHub, for a few reasons. One of the biggest ones was how frustrating Git was as a Windows user when I first tried it. Coming from SVN, Hg was a much gentler introduction to the world of DVCS (thanks in large part to Joel Spolsky’s HgInit). […]

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